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This blog publicised the public consultation, which ran February to July 2011

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Exceptional Hardship Scheme and Property Blight

This blog entry advises on options available for people whose property is affected by HS2 proposals.

The Exceptional Hardship Scheme (EHS) allows you to apply for the Government to buy your property and is currently open. It helps people who urgently need to sell their properties now and who have found that they are unable to do so because of the high speed rail proposals.

If HS2 proposals go ahead, statutory property blight provisions would apply to people whose property would need to be purchased in order to build or operate HS2. People who qualify can require the Government to bring forward that purchase.

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July 18, 2011 at 4:35 pm

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We have produced visualisations of various points along the proposed route as we believe it is very important to give people a fair representation of how the line would look. This means that they can make informed comment on its visual impact when they respond to the consultation. And we can use their feedback to shape decisions on reducing visual impact, through design changes and mitigation, if the project is taken forward.

Objectors to HS2 have produced their own, inaccurate images. This is misleading for those trying to find out what impact the line would have in their local area. Our visualisations accurately depict how the railway would look if it’s built exactly according to current designs. If the proposals go ahead, in the next stage of work we would start detailed design work, on structures that would suit the local landscape. 

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Written by HS2 Ltd

June 29, 2011 at 1:17 pm