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This blog publicised the public consultation, which ran February to July 2011

HS2 Roadshow

HS2 Roadshow

Since March 24, the HS2 roadshow has been visiting locations along the proposed line of route as part of the Government’s public consultation. This is one of thebiggest and most wide-ranging consultations that any government has ever done.

A really important part of it is the roadshows. We want people to come along and ask questions about issues that matter to them. Our engineers, environmentalists, business and property experts are on hand to answer them. Everyone’s welcome to come and find out more. At the roadshows we also distribute consultation background information (also available from our online HS2 library).

Our roadshows have been very popular and a great opportunity for us to hear your views, both for and against the proposals. Public attendance has varied from around 200 a day at smaller locations to over 2,000 a day at larger towns and cities. We’ve learnt what issues are causing concern to residents adjacent to the route, and on many occasions have been able to explain the facts and clarify misunderstandings.

For example, some members of the public thought the proposed route doesn’t go to central Birmingham. We were able to assure them that the new Curzon St station would be right in the centre of Birmingham close to both Moor Street and New Street stations.

HS2 roadshows feature information panels and screens providing maps, relevant local and line of route information plus visualisations of the proposed railway, including examples of steps to mitigate the visual effects of the railway, such as cuttings, and noise mitigation measures, such as noise barriers.

Sound demonstration booth

They also include sound booths, which give members of the public the opportunity to listen to a demonstration of the level of noise that would be produced by HS2trains. The sound booths have been put together by our consultants Arup. They have been verified by independent experts and they’re there to give people an opportunity to hear what high-speed rail will sound like at a number of different locations – rural, urban and suburban.

Most people have been extremely interested in the noise demonstrations and have had long conversations with our noise experts afterwards about how they were put together, and what it would actually mean for them in terms of noise.

The roadshows are your opportunity to find out more about the Government’s proposals, to voice your concerns and to get all the information you need to respond to the consultation.

HS2 roadshows are there for you to find out all the information you need and we’re very keen to listen to what people say. But it is really important that after people visit our roadshows they respond to the consultation, either on our website or by completing and posting a response form.


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June 10, 2011 at 1:52 pm

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