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Bechstein’s Bats

Extract from Map 12 Quainton to GreatmoorLately there’s been some discussion about whether the proposed HS2 route would affect a number of Bechstein’s Bats discovered along the line of route. There has been concern that the bats’ habitat could be lost should the proposed railway be built.

The rare breed of bat was recently found in Finemere Wood near Aylesbury by the local bat group, who have been using new methods to locate this species.

At the moment it is too early to know whether Bechstein’s Bats would be affected by the proposed line, as so little is known about them. But bats are a protected species by law and we would certainly make sure we avoid any negative impact on the Bechstein’s Bats.

Were the proposals for HS2 to be agreed, we would take every step to make sure the environment and wildlife are affected as little as possible. We would carry out a full Environmental Impact Assessment, alongside detailed design work.

At that stage we would work closely with Natural England, the North Bucks Bat Group and the Bat Conservation Trust to find out if there would be any impact and take the necessary action to avoid it. We’d also explore whether HS2 Ltd could improve local woodland management to the benefit of the species.

It’s worth noting that the current proposed route for HS2 goes along a freight railway line already in use, and does not cut through Finemere Wood or other woodland in the area.

Please read our Wildlife and Habitats factsheet for more details of how we would seek to avoid or reduce impacts on regional and locally protected sites like ancient woodland which might be affected.


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Written by HS2 Ltd

June 10, 2011 at 1:28 pm

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